Choose A-Mass Towing of Indianapolis

Welcome to the site of A-Mass Towing, ‘INDY’S PROFESSIONAL TOWING COMPANY’. Our core attitude towards superior customer care and commitment to a quality experience guarantees that we will out-perform any competition. This friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to answer your questions and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer many other custom designed services ranging from property management assistance through tagging programs, to filing mechanics liens on vehicles. We provide the best experience possible, every time!

With a staff of veteran drivers, we promise the safest trip feasible for your vehicle. We maintain our fleet of trucks with the utmost care to ensure superior speed and service. A-Mass’s clean, professional and uniformed drivers will go the extra step to assist you. To us, it all begins with understanding your needs, and ends with you being a satisfied customer. The most important thing we give you, as a customer, is peace of mind; knowing that you do not have to worry because your vehicle is in safe hands.

We provide a wide variety of towing services to suit any of your needs. Whether that be help getting your personal vehicle towed, delivering a vehicle home if someone has had too much to drink, or assistance managing the parking situation at a commercial property; A-Mass Towing is the place to call.

Our Managers and Customer Service Representatives are experts on tagging and towing procedures all done to comply with Indiana law. A-Mass Towing can offer assistance maintaining everything from an apartment complex to commercial lots to private property. We take pride in the effectiveness of our tagging programs and our company can help in permanently resolving any parking situation while keeping you and your tenants happy. We provide signage, tags, permits and notifications as part of our services to our properties at no charge. The impound fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicles owner. With A-Mass Towing, you can be sure you are receiving reliable and quality services.

A-Mass Towing has always been proud to uphold our reputation of efficient and friendly assistance, doing our best for you, every time.

If you need assistance from a towing company, there’s only one place to call. We work hard to give you the most efficient and complete service possible. Just remember one thing, ‘We don’t want an arm and a leg, just your tows.’